If you’re unsure how to troubleshoot these issues, please consult the manual or support website for your specific PC model. Once a device is paired, it will connect automatically with your PC when Bluetooth is enabled. If that doesn’t happen, you can manually click on the Connect button under your Bluetooth device in your computer’s Bluetooth settings. To use Bluetooth on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop, you need to enable it first.

Windows Defender Application Control allows controlling which applications and drivers can run in Windows. To disable Windows search highlights in corporate environment makes sense because this new Windows feature only distract users…. In the new template, under product version, you enter Windows 10 and 21H2 for target version if you want to avoid the update to Windows 11 and receive the last iteration of Windows 10. Conversely, a corresponding entry ensures an upgrade to Windows 11.

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You can get build directly from Microsoft with an Insider account, or you can use UUP Dump to driversol.com/drivers/lsi create your own build ISO for your architecture. Check for updates and you should see the option to upgrade to Windows 11. There’s no 32-bit build of Windows 11 available, so only computers with 64-bit processors will be able to run Windows 11. Fixed a known issue that prevents devices from using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

  • Visit the download page on the official website, and download the Windows version using the appropriate button or link.
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Upon completion, virtualnv is installed on your system. The Disable path length limit option will not affect any other system settings. Turning it on will resolve potential name length issues that may arise with Python projects developed in Linux. The next dialog will prompt you to select whether to Disable path length limit. Choosing this option will allow Python to bypass the 260-character MAX_PATH limit. Effectively, it will enable Python to use long path names.

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Consequently, whenever a single project-specific package is changed, it changes for all your Python projects. You would want to avoid this, and having separate virtual environments for each project is the easiest solution. TensorFlow requires a recent version of pip, so upgrade your pip installation to be sure you’re running the latest version.

Reinstalling Windows 10 can wipe your system clean; here’s how to keep your files intact

Using the bootable USB we created earlier, you can perform a repair install of Windows 11 using an in-place upgrade. This uses the Windows 11 ISO to repair any corrupted or missing system files. This method of resetting your Windows 11 computer without losing your data is the easiest.